There have been great strides made in designing the administrative structures of patient-centered care, but it is still difficult to design truly patient-centered clinical routines that the entire healthcare team can enact.  This book offers a summary of the approaches that are currently in growing use such as health literacy assessment, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, shared decision making, minimally disruptive medicine, trauma-informed care, enfranchisement coaching, relationship-centered care, and family-informed care.  Finally, it offers a transformative method for building partnerships with multiply-disadvantaged patients, an approach that is Transparent, Empowering, Activating, and Mutual:  The T.E.A.M. Way


“After reading the book, I recognized that I totally missed the boat in understanding non-compliance in patient care and felt truly enlightened by Dr. Blount’s explanations related to multiply disadvantaged patients… Excellent examples with very down to earth language that I think docs can relate to. I am sensing that this book would be THE manual for change facilitators once the practice administration buys into these principles.”

David Artzerounian, MD

Chief Medical Officer (Ret.), Massachusetts Mutual Corp.

Patient-Centered Primary Care, Getting From Good to Great helps primary care practices involve patients as partners in their own healthcare, especially "complex" patients, those with difficult physical and behavioral challenges who are high utilizers of health services. 


New  routines have been assembled into a comprehensive approach for clinicians and staff. This book offers a specific yet flexible implementation pathway that can be adjusted to fit any particular provider or practice.

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